Fetching OBD-II data to HUDWAY Drive

There is no way to directly connect HUDWAY Drive to a vehicle OBD-II port. Instead, all interaction is made via Bluetooth OBD-II scanners.

There are two ways to view the information fetched by a BT OBD-II scanner on HUD.

1. Direct connection to the OBD dongle over Bluetooth. 
The key requirement for this connection to work is an OBD scanner based on ELM327 microcontroller. Plug the scanner in the OBD-II port, start the engine, power on HUDWAY Drive and select to search for an OBD-II scanner in HUDWAY Drive app on the smartphone connected to the HUDWAY Drive (next time no need for this step, OBD scanner will automatically connect to the device). HUDWAY Drive will recognise the scanner and connect to it.

This type of connection allows to fetch a number of most usefull parameters like voltage, speed, RPM, fuel consumption & level and etc. The complete list of the parameters depends on what your vehicle maker has allowed for the BT scanner to get. Parameters are visualised like driving widgets using HUDWAY Drive software interface. They can be adjusted (displayed or removed) via HUDWAY Drive app on the smartphone.

2. With a help of a smartphone
Install a compatible app on your smartphone and connect it to an OBD scanner. Mirror the phone screen to HUDWAY Drive. In this case, HUDWAY Drive doesn't interact with the scanner and simply mirrors your smartphone screen — therefore, you can use any scanner that works for your vehicle and smartphone.

If you choose to use navigation (basic directions available in HUDWAY Drive app when the smartphone is connected to HUDWAY Drive over Bluetooth) as one of the widgets, HUDWAY drive app will take smartphone GPS data to calculate the route, define your location and provide directions, while the speed data will be taken from the connected OBD-II scanner. If HUDWAY Drive is not connected  to the scanner, the speedometer widget will take data from your smartphone GPS.

Since a number of widgets that visualise the vehicle data only work when HUDWAY Drive is connected to an OBD-II scanner, they will get hidden in the app when the two are not connected. 


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