Updating your HUDWAY Drive

As we keep adding features to the app, some of these require that we modify HUDWAY Drive firmware for these features to work on the device. That's why, you may sometimes need to update your HUDWAY Drive firmware. 

Normally, HUDWAY Drive app on your phone will alert you with a push notification that we released a firmware update. Tapping this notification will get you to the app settings where it will prompt you to first download the firmware update to your phone, and then pair it to HUDWAY Drive to upload it there. 

Often, it makes sense to download the update file when you're on Wi-Fi.

This is because depending on the modifications we make, the size of the update files may vary a lot. Say, there may be core modifications to the firmware, which makes up large updates of about 200 Mb. But typically, an update will be about 20 Mb.

The app lets you know the update size on the Update screen.

And here's how you update your HUDWAY Drive.

1. To see if there's an update available, launch the app and go to Dashboard. Check if there's a red dot over the cog icon in the top right corner:


2. Go to Settings > Firmware updates.


3. On the Update screen, tap Download.


3. Wait until the app downloads the update.


4. You can now go back to your car, let your phone find HUDWAY Drive and connect to it, and then tap Install update.


5. The app will start uploading the update file to HUDWAY Drive.

It is critical that you keep HUDWAY Drive plugged in a power outlet, so that it won't switches off during the update process. In some cases, there may be a failure that may corrupt the firmware and kill your HUDWAY Drive.

6. When the update have uploaded and installed, your HUDWAY Drive will restart automatically.

If anything goes wrong during the update process, please check out our troubleshooting article or email us at

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