Problems updating HUDWAY Drive

It may occur that the app informs you that it's unable to update the firmware.

This may happen when:

  • You're offline.
    Make sure there's no problem with Internet connection, and the app is allowed to use your mobile data (on iOS, you can toggle it on in Settings > Mobile data; on Android — in Settings > Mobile Data > HUDWAY Drive App).
  • The app can't reach the server.
    This sometimes happens when the host is down, but it's typically a very short-time problem, and all you need is to wait a few minutes and then give another try.
  • You've run out of space on your smartphone.
    Typically, the app will inform you on the update size, so it's a good idea to make sure there's enough storage.
  • There's indeed some internal problem with the server or the app.
    If the app repeatedly fails to update the device firmware, please email us at for help.
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