HUDWAY Drive installation warnings

General warnings

Your use of this device is at your sole risk.

Displaying information on the device while driving may be distracting to some drivers. If you believe this device distracts you from the road ahead – stop using this device immediately.

Failure to follow these warnings and safety information may result in personal injury or damage to the product, your vehicle, or other property.

Observe all country, state, and local laws and regulations when using this device. This includes compliance with any laws or regulations that may address the use of this device and the placement of the device within the vehicle.

Hudway cannot guarantee that the device or its use is permissible in your country and / or jurisdiction.

The traffic regulations data displayed on the device (e.g., speed limit notices and traffic signs) may differ from actual traffic regulations because they change frequently. Always obey the actual traffic regulations and actual traffic signs when operating a vehicle and use safe driving judgment at all times.

Hudway does not assume any responsibility for any fines, penalties, or damages that may be incurred as a result of the violation of any law, regulation or ordinance relating to the use of your device. It is your responsibility to comply with all traffic and motor vehicle safety laws and regulations and to use the device in such a manner that you are in compliance with applicable laws.

This device cannot and does not compensate for driver inattentiveness and poor judgment. You must give your full attention to driving conditions and pedestrians, to avoid potentially hazardous situations that could result in an accident, which could result in serious injury or death. Hudway does not assume responsibility for any accident or collision in which you are involved.

Installation warnings

  • Follow the installation instructions in this manual to connect and install the device.
  • When installing the device in your vehicle, follow the installation instructions to ensure the device is securely installed in a location that does not obstruct your vision, or interfere with the vehicle’s steering wheel.
  • Ensure the power cable doesn’t interfere with the vehicle operating controls. Obstructing the steering wheel, pedals, or vehicle operating controls can result in an accident, which could result in serious injury, for which Hudway will not be liable.
  • Never install the device on the cover of an airbag or in a place where the device will interfere with the deployment of an airbag. Doing so may prevent the airbag from deploying normally, resulting in serious injury or death, for which Hudway will not be liable. 

Usage warnings

Do not follow route suggestions if they are unsafe, would require an illegal maneuver, or would place the vehicle or its occupants in an unsafe situation. Minimize the amount of time spent viewing the display while driving.

You must always exercise careful and cautious driving, and should not glance away from the roadway while driving to view the device for more than two seconds at a time. Failure to keep your eyes on the road ahead may cause an accident for which Hudway will not be responsible.

Your eyesight may impact the clarity of the images displayed on the device, and the visibility of conditions both outside and inside the vehicle. Make sure that your eyesight is sufficient to both maneuver the vehicle and utilize the device. If you are short-sighted or far-sighted, have astigmatism or differing visual acuities between your left and right eyes, you should wear glasses or use other corrective measures to correct visual acuity before using this device.

You should setup, change settings or enter information into the device only when the vehicle is stationary, and not while you are driving the vehicle.

Park your vehicle in a safe location before setting a route to your destination.

Always secure your smartphone to prevent it from distracting you or interfering with your driving.

Do not operate your smartphone while driving.

In the event of an accident, the force applied to your vehicle may cause the device to forcefully shift and come into contact with your body or with the bodies of your passengers and cause personal injuries to you or your passengers.

This device may be used with a 12-volt power adaptor, which should only be used with a 12-volt charging receptacle (sometimes referred to as the cigarette lighter receptacle) to avoid a risk of fire or malfunction.

Do not allow this device to come into contact with liquids. Doing so may cause smoke, fire, or electric shock. If liquid or foreign matter gets inside the device, turn off the power immediately and contact our customer service. Do not use the device in this condition because doing so may result in fire, electric shock or other failure.

Do not leave the device in a place subject to direct sunlight. The device should be removed from direct sunlight when not in use to avoid damage to the device itself. Failure to remove the device from your vehicle, when not in use, may cause damage to the device or your vehicle for which Hudway is not be responsible.

Do not smoke around your device – smoking may damage it or cause it to malfunction.

If the device is dropped, the plastic lens may break and produce pieces with sharp edges.

Keep the device away from children. Do not allow children to play with the device or any of its components.

WARNING: This product, its packaging, and its components contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm. This notice is being provided in accordance with California’s Proposition 65.

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