Installing HUDWAY Drive in your vehicle

Install it in your vehicle

1. Place the device on the dash in front of you and open its lens at 90°.

2. Adjust the device position so that the rectangle image appears centered on the lens.


3. Stick the marker strip onto the dash under the device so that the triangle marks on both strips are aligned. This will mark the center of the device position for installation.


4. Plug the USB to Micro B cable in the mount port.


5. Remove the protective layer from the bottom of the mount.

6. Align the device with the sticker and gently press the mount flaps to affix the device to the dash.


7. Dismount the device from the mount not to damage it while further fixing the mount on the dash.


8. Keep pressing the mount gently from the center out to the flaps until it's fixed firmly.


9. Affix the cable using the cable clips.


10. Remove the stickers and the protective film from the lens.

Power it on and connect to your smartphone

1. Plug the cable running from the mount into the power adaptor, and then plug the latter in the cigarette lighter receptacle.

2. Connect the device with your smartphone (learn how to do it).

3. Launch HUDWAY Drive app on your smartphone to sync the device.

You're all set! Enjoy your ride!

Note: You can connect external cameras to the device using the enclosed AUX to RCA cable. Learn how to do it.

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