Connecting to a smartphone

HUDWAY Drive offers 3 ways to connect to a smartphone:

I. Using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connection

With this type of connection you will be able to use navigation powered by MapBox and driving widgets.


HUDWAY Drive with MapBox directions

Also, incoming calls and notifications will be fetched and visualised to HUD* — and sound will be played via the output source you select.

*Provided that you enable requred permissions as set out below.

If you have a Voice Assistant button on the steering wheel, a Bluetooth headset, or Apple Watch, you can connect it to your phone and respond to calls this way. Otherwise, you will need to pick up your phone.

Your phone screen can be locked during this time. 

Restrictions: This connection opportunity doesn't support streaming any other content from your smartphone to HUD. This means, Waze or Google Maps will not work.

If you want to listen to Spotify or AppleMusic while connected this way, the audio will be played via the output source you select, but the app interface will not be displayed on HUD.

To pair your smartphone to HUDWAY Drive over BLE, please do the following:

1. Power on HUDWAY Drive

2. Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled in your phone settings

3. Launch HUDWAY Drive app. It will automatically start looking for HUDWAY Drive.

4. When the device is found, tap "Connect" — and you're all set*.

Learn more what to do if no devices are found.


II. Using HUDWAY Drive mirroring protocol

This type of connection allows for mirroring your phone screen contents to HUD.
This is how you can view Waze, Google Maps, or any other app to HUD.

To enable this type of connection, follow the steps below:

1. Power on HUDWAY Drive

2. Launch HUDWAY Drive app

3. Tap "Search for device". The app will start looking for HUDWAY Drive.

4. When the device is found, tap "Mirror".

On Android smartphones, confirm screen capture permission that will appear as a pop-up alert. On iPhones, you will additionally need to switch on screen capture by swiping up the Control Center, long- tapping Screen Recording and selecting HUDWAY Drive in the list.

Please note that we do not actually record the video of your smartphone screen, nor have we any access to it. This feature is only used to transmit the screen contents to HUD.


HUDWAY Drive with Waze navigation

III. Using Miracast

You can also mirror your smartphone screen to HUD over Miracast. Basically, it will operate the same way as the mirroring over HUDWAY Drive proprietory protocol, just the connection steps will differ. The complete instruction on this is coming soon.

If you have any questions to our support team, please email

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