There are 3 important functional differences between HUDWAY Drive and HUDWAY Cast.


HUDWAY Cast (left) & HUDWAY Drive (right)

Connection type
Both HUDWAY Cast and HUDWAY Drive can mirror the screen of a smartphone and so basically, act as a second screen. However, HUDWAY Drive has a built-in Bluetooth chip that allows to quickly fetch necessary data from a smartphone and visualized it to HUD. This type of connection (Bluetooth Low Energy connection) has its great advantages:

  • phone screen can be locked while transmitting the data to HUD
  • device automatically reconnects to the phone when you get back in the car
  • your phone can simultaneously be paired to any other Bluetooth device (headset, voice assistant button, car speakers, CarPlay, smart watch, etc).

Video input 
Compared to HUDWAY Cast, HUDWAY Drive lost the ability to wired connect to a vehicle OBD-II port and a smartphone. Also, there are no speakers in it. In return for it, HUDWAY Drive got a video input port (CVBS) which is used to connect external cameras to the device.

By default, HUDWAY Drive app uses navigation and routes provided by MapBox. HUDWAY Cast app is based on OSM (OpenStreetMap) with additional information from other sources.

Here is a complete comparison: 

Operational voltage
5V ~ 17V (1.5A) DC 12V DC
Power supply type
USB 2.0 Type-A to micro USB. Cigarette lighter power cable, OBD-II power cable.
Connection to phone


BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) – set automatically, only dedicated app.

HUDWAY Drive mirroring protocol – set manually, display smartphone screen as is.

Miracast protocol – set manually, display smartphone screen as is.


Not possible


Miracast protocol – set manually, display smartphone screen as is.

Wi-Fi direct – set manually, only dedicated app

Screen Recording – set manually, display smartphone screen as is.


Via OTG Cable - display smartphone screen as it is.
Phone compatibility
iPhones and Android 6 or later iPhones and Android 6 or later
Can smartphone screen be turned off?
Yes, while using BLE connection no
Simultaneous connection to CarPlay, Android Auto, Car speakers
yes yes
Specially designed software
HUDWAY Drive app (iPhone, Android)
Navigation based on Mapbox
HUDWAY Cast app (iPhone, Android)
Navigation based on OSM
Splitting content

While using BLE connection (Mapbox navigation, speed, and notifications are streamed to the heads-up lens and on the phone screen any app can be opened).

Inside the HUDWAY Cast app (navigation is streamed to the heads-up lens and the interface to quickly manage calls, messages, music, and widgets are displayed on the phone screen).

Usage without phone
to display car data from an OBD II Bluetooth scanner to display car data from an OBD II port
Built-in Bluetooth
yes no
Built-in GPS chip
no no
Built-in speakers
no yes
Built-in microphone
no no
Fetching vehicle data
OBD-II Bluetooth scanner wirelessly connected to HUDWAY Drive (RPM, Speed, Voltage, Temperature of the engine coolant, fuel consumption and etc.) OBD-II power cable (RPM, Speed)
Overall dimensions
7.3 x 6.4 х 4 in | 18.5 x 16.2 х 10 cm 6.36x 3.97 in; 3.61 in high | 16.2 x 15.9 cm; 11.5 cm high
 Inputs or outputs on the device

Power input - Micro USB DC 5V ~ 17V (1.5A)

Video input - CVBS (RCA)

Power input

USB port B OTG
 ARM Cortex-A7 Quad Other
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