HUDWAY Drive for Tesla: all you need to know

Which models will it fit?

HUDWAY Drive custom edition for Tesla is designed to fit the dashboards of Tesla Model 3 & Y.

For other Tesla Models, we suggest that you use regular HUDWAY Drive version.

Side view of HUDWAY Drive in Tesla Model 3

Front view of HUDWAY Drive in Tesla Model 3

What are the differences between custom and regular versions of HUDWAY Drive? 

Tesla edition features a custom body design. All other characteristics, features, and enclosed box contents are the same as in the regular version.

How HUDWAY Drive is powered in Tesla?

Both regular and custom versions can be powered from a 12V cigarette lighter — similarly to how you charge your smartphone. 

Please note that HUDWAY Drive input voltage is rated for 5V 1A DC. To achieve this reduced voltage, please use the enclosed adaptor.

Make sure that you use reliable adaptors. When HUDWAY Drive starts, its peak energy consumption may reach 1.2A for a very brief period of time. If power supply fed by the adaptor is insufficient (this may happen when using a low-quality adaptor fetching less than 1A), the device won't be able to start  and will keep rebooting.

How to fetch the vehicle (OBD II) data from Tesla to HUDWAY Drive?

There's no official support declared by Tesla for any type of third-party OBD-II scanners. Which is why, we cannot provide any manuals of how to view Tesla OBD-II data on HUDWAY Drive. 

However, there are Tesla enthusiasts who purchase an OBD-II pin-to-pin converter bundle including a Bluetooth dongle, and fetch the vehicle data to their phones. You can watch how it works in the video shot by Bjorn Nyland, a Tesla owner from Norway.

Please note that any interference with the vehicle electronics may result in you losing the manufacturer's warranty — and that you perform any such action at your own risk. HUDWAY will not be held responsible for the result of your actions.

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