Switching between route view and map view

HUDWAY Go offers two options to track your position as you're driving — route view and map view. The former is a live 3D outline of the route against black background — and we recommend that you use it while driving, as it's designed to be quickly recognised and perceived.

Here's how route view looks:


The second option offers a more conventional map view — and may be useful when you need to get a more general overview of where you're, what distance you've already traveled and how much is left to destination.

Here's how map view looks:

On the right (in portrait app version — in the bottom of the screen), there is widgets section — so that you can see distance traveled, distance to finish, time traveled, maximum or average speed, and ETA. Tap the widgets to change what it displays:


To access map view from route view, tap anywhere on the route view and then tap Map:


To go back to the route view, tap menu button on the map view and then tap Route:



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