What info is there on the route screen?

Route screen in HUDWAY Go app depicts a live 3D view of the route (street, highway) you're driving. It also shows a simplified decluttered overview of the surroundings — crossroads, ramps and exits, junctions, railroads, rivers, etc.

Buildings are not displayed, except for those surrounding start and destination points. 

Apart from the route, the following information is shown on the screen:

  1. Name of the street/road you're now driving
  2. Estimated arrival time (learn more how ETA is calculated in the app)
  3. Current speed (based on your phone sensors)
  4. Distance to the next manoeuvre
  5. Next manoeuvre direction
  6. Name of the street you'll be driving after the manoeuvre
  7. Traffic for your route (green — light, yellow — medium, red — heavy).


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