App permissions and why it requires them

When you launch HUDWAY Go for the first time, it will ask you to allow multiple permissions, some of which may look confusing to you. Below is the list of permissions the app requires — and a short explanation of what they're needed for. 

Location access (iOS/Android)

Required to correctly define your position and provide timely visual and voice directions, including the situations when you minimise the app and only listen to voice guidance.

Camera and gallery (iOS/Android)

Only required and used to edit your profile photo. You can deny one of these permissions on iOS, while on Android they must be allowed/denied together.

Internet access (iOS/Android)

Required to log in the app, download maps, search for addresses, create and recalculate routes. 

File storage (iOS/Android)

Required to download, store and access the app maps on your device

In-app purchases (iOS/Android)

Required for you to be able to upgrade to Premium subscription in the app

Sleep Mode (iOS/Android)

Required to programmatically disable phone screen switching off — so that it's always on showing navigation

Notifications (iOS/Android)

Required to update you on news and events. Used very rarely, won't bother you :)

Audio (iOS/Android)

Required to enable voice assistance

NFC (Android)

Required to allow you switch the app to HUD mode when approaching a programmed tag

Networks (Android)

Required for the app to understand whether there's Internet connection to download maps and send location requests to HUDWAY servers

Modify system settings (Android)

Only required to manage phone display brightness accordingly to what you select in the app.

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