How to create a route

When you've launched the app, it will automatically define your current location and mark it with a blue dot on the map. 

You can then enter your destination address in the search bar in the top of the screen, or — set it with a long tap on the map.


By long-tapping anywhere on the route, you can add a via point (available in Premium mode only), or select the tapped location as the route start or destination:


Tap Let's Go — the app will download the maps for your route region, and take you to the route screen:


Alternative routes 

Sometimes, when there is more than one way to reach the destination, the app will suggest alternative routes (colored in paler shade of blue). Swipe left or right in the whilte area to select between the suggested routes:


In Premium mode, the app will also show traffic info for each of the created routes, and calculate fuel consumption & cost for the ride, and estimated arrival time.


Finishing a route

You can finish the route anytime, even before you've actually reached the destination. For that, tap anywhere on the route screen, and tap Finish:


The app will then display your driving score and trip statistics:


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