Redeeming a promo code on HUDWAY Store

Whenever you need to redeem a promo code on, please do the following:

1. Add the selected product to cart:

HUDWAY Magnet Mount Kit listing on HUDWAY Store

2. If you're done shopping, tap Proceed to checkout or View or edit your cart.
Otherwise tap Continue Shopping to return to cart later:

Adding HUDWAY Magnet Mount to Cart

3. Enter or paste your coupon code in the coupon code field and tap Apply.
Please note that the code is case sensitive.

Viewing HUDWAY Magnet Mount in the cart on HUDWAY Store

If the code you're entering is a valid one, the discount will be applied immediately, and the cart total will be adjusted:


At checkout you can view the details of the code, as well as enter your shipping & billing details, or edit the cart contents:


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