Night vision camera: removable installation (on the roof)

The mounting bracket of HUDWAY Night Vision Camera is equipped with 4 ultra strong neodymum magnets that will withstand the most severe wind blasts and the most ultimate speed. 

On the bottom, the magnets are covered with felt so that they never leave a scratch on the surface of your car roof.


1. Select where on the roof you prefer to locate the camera.

2. Loosen the mounting screws to adjust the tilt angle of the camera and then make sure to tighten them back. 

3. Make sure all the magnet screws are tightened as well.

4. Place the camera om the roof and route the infrared camera cable into the vehicle interior using clamps (the clamps are included).

4. Use the enclosed cable to connect the camera according to instruction below: 


View instruction in pdf (less than 2 Mb).

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