What do I get with Premium?

Premium mode in HUDWAY Go app unlocks a set of paid options, which let you keep track of your expenses per ride, set via points for the route and get speed limit alerts as you drive.

List of Premium mode features:

Premium options (except for Via points and Traffic info) are marked with green lock in the app settings:


And here is how it works.

Traffic info

When you've created a route, the app will display traffic density for its segments and calculate your trip time and ETA based on this data:


Via points

In Premium mode you can add via points to the routes you've created. For this, set your start and destination points and then long tap on a particular point of the route where you want to drop a via point:


To delete a via point, tap it and then tap delete:


Fuel consumption

Indicates how much fuel is spent — in L/per 100 km, or in miles per gallon (whichever units you select in the app settings).

Can be entered manually or set automatically based on the vehicle and engine type you select in the app settings. 

Fuel cost

The amount you'd pay for the fuel spent in the selected currency. Calculated based on the fuel price you indicate in the app settings (can be entered manually or set to Auto and take a market average). 

Fuel cost and consumption for the route are displayed in the route information bar, under trip info and next to the traffic info: 


You can view the summary for fuel consumption and cost in your app profile:



You can also tap Trip history button (see the screenshots above) to view details per every ride with the app:


Speed limits

When you create a route, HUDWAY Go downloads a map for that region — and a database with applicable speed limitations for the road segments you will be driving. 

In the app settings you can select when you want the speed limits info to be displayed (always. never, or only when you're overspeeding) and set the speeding tolerance:


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