Will it work for motorcycles?

In short, no, it won’t. The whole experience is way different from that with cars — you’re not driving it, you’re riding it. We haven’t investigated this area at all, and we can’t offer any versatile solution. Moreover, we can’t and won’t claim that HUDWAY Glass increases riders’ safety.

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    Craig Arthurson

    I have tested the Polaris HUD  on my Motorcyles windshield with the adhesive screen tape works Awsome. 

    There is no reason this could not be adapted to a bike just weather proofing and mounting

    Sorry to say HUD on a bike is actually more safety important than cars as we have to look down at our tank area to view GPS.  Plus put up with the Idot drivers.

    The Polaris only offers limited information on its display and as the Hudway gives you full use of GPS APP,s a much better concept.


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