How to use HUDWAY Glass

To minimize eyes-off-road time, we recommend that you place the accessory right in your line of sight — for example, onto the cluster visor.

Choose the stand you want to use (read more on the differences between stands). You may want to try various places on the dashboard to find the most suitable for you, before you actually apply the stand.

When you find such a place, peel off the film protecting the adhesive layer. Make sure the dashboard surface is clean and dry (no grease stains or dust).

Apply the stand to the dashboard, and place the cradle on top of it. Place your smartphone onto the cradle, and catch its screen reflection in the glass. Adjust the glass angle to see the whole screen reflection in the glass. When using the adjustable stand, you may also want to adjust the cradle angle not to see the screen itself.


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    Pat Ceresia

    I asked this question a few days ago and am still waiting for a reply.

    I purchased two Hudway Glass devices. In setting up the first one, all went well except when I place my iPhone on the device the image that appears in the glass is reversed. In other words, the app does not project a mirrored image of the screen and therefor the image I see on the Hudway glass is inverted. I have purchased HUD Pro, Hudway Trip and Hud Wdigets installed and it is the same with all. I can't find Speedometer in the App store to download so I can't comment on how it might perform. How do I get the app to project a mirror image? Additionally, can I reasonably expect this to project a usable image in the daylight?

    Cheers, Pat

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