What are bonus miles and how do I earn them?

Bonus miles are a reward you get for travelling with HUDWAY Go app.

Every mile travelled with the app gets you 1 bonus mile*.

You can then exchange bonus miles for discounts at HUDWAY Store, or to unlock paid features in the app. 

You can also earn bonus miles as you upgrade to higher proficiency levels in the app. Or, if you're signed up to our newsletter, you can receive a promo code for bonus miles. 

You can always check your bonus miles by tapping the menu in HUDWAY Go app. There will be a label with the miles count next to your name. 



Please note that to earn miles and view them, you need to be logged in.  

*If you're using metric units in the app, you'll get 1 bonus mile per every 1.6 km travelled with the app. 

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