What are levels and how do I know mine?

The more you drive with HUDWAY Go, the higher level of experience the app offers to activate.

When activating a new level you get extra bonus miles, and: 

  • Unlock some of the paid features in HUDWAY Go
  • Unlock a monthly or yearly Premium subscription in HUDWAY Go.
  • Get a promo code to unlock Premium in other apps by HUDWAY.
  • Get a coupon code to shop for heads-up display devices and accessories on HUDWAY Store.

You can check your level by going to the app menu. The label next to your name is your level. 


Tapping on your level label takes you to the levels overview screen, where you can activate a new level, if you've made enough trips for that. 

Please note that levels need to be activated manually. Tap Get now next to the level to activate it. 


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