What are different HUD Views in HUDWAY Drive app?

HUDWAY Drive app offers convenient presets for you to use while driving. These are combinations of various widgets, like, current speed, fuel consumptions — or navigation instructions.


You can modify the presets by tapping Tap to edit button above each view and further scrolling between widgets in the editor.

In essence, the two view exist to be automatically displayed on HUDWAY Drive depending on whether you have created a route in the app or not. 

The Freeride view toggles on when you've connected your phone to HUDWAY Drive and just start driving, without setting a destination point and routiong to it in HUDWAY Drive app. In this preset, navigation widget is not available for selection, as the app won't be able to give directions without having being told where you're heading to.

The Travel view toggles on after you've created a route in the app. You can select to display navigation directions on HUD, but you don't have to. If you like, you can use any other widgets combination — even the same you preset for freeride trips.

Please note that these presets will only work when your smartphone is connected to HUDWAY Drive over Bluetooth. When you've selected to use screen mirroring, it is your phone screen that will be rendered on HUD, reardless of whether or not you've created a route.

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