How do I set up what to see on the HUD?

Central to HUDWAY Drive app is the Dashboard tab, where you can set up everything about HUDWAY Drive. 


First of all, you can set up what widgets you will see on the HUD — speed, directions, trip time, weather, etc. Some of these widgets will only be available for selection when you have connected an OBD-II reader to HUDWAY Drive.  

You can display up to three widgets to display on the HUD at once. The widgets you select are grouped in the views.

There are two types of views:

1. Freeride.

This sets to display when you haven’t set a destination point and created a route.
You cannot select navigation widget for this view as the app doesn’t know where you’re heading to.

2. Navigation.

This view applies when you have created a route. In this view, the navigation widget will be central, and you can set up other widgets to display to the left and to the right of it.

To set up the widgets to display on the HUD, tap Edit above each view and then scroll between widgets in the editor. To save your selection, simply go back from the editor.

You can also minimize the widgets to have them appear in a yet more simplified way on the bottom of the screen. This may be handy for long highway trips when there's not much change in the widgets state.


Scroll down the Dashboard screen to toggle on the messengers and services the notifications from which you would like to receive to the HUD. You will see them sliding in regardless of what widgets you've selected in the views.

For notifications, you can also display how many lines of text will display, and for how long they will stay on the screen.

Please note that views and notifications will not be displayed on the HUD when you start screen mirroring: it is your phone screen that will be rendered on HUD, reardless of whether or not you've created a route.

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