How does it attach to the dashboard?

The default butterfly-shaped mount that comes in HUDWAY Cast box has a foamy adhesive. It leaves no traces when removed, but is of one-time use. 

The sliding disc on the mount allows for adjusting the tilt angle of the device. 


On our website, you can also order a compact mount, which is more space-saving and can be installed on the very edge of the cluster visor if such location may be convenient for you.

The compact mount base is covered with multi-use jelly-glue adhesive. 


General recommendations

Both mounts attach well to any plastic or leather dashboard, and leave no traces when removed, but they don’t work with suede-covered or visibly ribbed dashboards. The main point is that the surface should be cleaned free from dust and grease.

Clean the surface with a slightly damp duster. You don't need special cleaning solutions, you can use just water and dish soap. Afterwards let it dry.

Also, sometimes dashboards have wax applied to them and the adhesive does not stick on waxed surfaces. What you need to do is to wipe the surface with an alcohol wipe first, to remove wax, and then try sticking the mount

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