Upgrading HUDWAY Cast firmware

We will occasionally release firmware updates for HUDWAY Cast — mainly, to keep up with latest Android and iOS updates. To update your HUDWAY Cast firmware, you need to have a HUDWAY Cast app installed (download it for iOS or Android).

We recommend that you update HUDWAY Cast firmware with car engine started, since on selected cars there may not be sufficient power when the engine is stopped.

Attention: It's very important to keep HUDWAY Cast powered during the firmware unpacking and installation process, since otherwise the update files may get corrupted and the firmware will fail to operate. In such a case, you will need to go through a complicated device reboot process.

Contact us at if such a problem occured.  

1. Connect your smartphone to HUDWAY Cast (learn how to do it here or here).

2. Launch HUDWAY Cast app.

3. A message alerting you on the availability of the new firmware will pop up. Tap Download to download the firmware update files to your smartphone. 


If you tap "No, thanks" button instead, you will see a red badge appear on the app setings icon: 


You will later be able to initiate the firmware update by tapping Upgrade Now in the app settings:


4. The files will start downloading and you'll see the downloading progress. Wait until it's finished. 


5. When the files have downloaded, the app will suggest that you update the firmware. To do it, tap OK, update now. Otherwise, you can do it later — the update files will be stored on your smartphone until then. 

Once you tap "OK, update now" button, the update files will start unpacking to HUDWAY Cast.


After the firmware is updated, HUDWAY Cast will disconnect from your smartphone. Please reconnect it as described in p.1. 

You may then access HUDWAY Cast app settings to check that the firmware is up to date. 

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