Connecting your Android phone to HUDWAY Cast (wired)

The guide below will be useful for users of HUDWAY Cast device whose smartphones do not support Miracast streaming.

It allows using HUDWAY Cast in split-screen mode, where a selected app widget is cast to the device lens, whereas the smartphone can still be used to manage phone calls, etc. in HUDWAY Cast app. 

Here's how it works:

1. Launch HUDWAY Cast.

2. Press mode buttom until you see the Android icon and the following text on the lens: Device with no Miracast support (use wire to connect):


3. Connect HUDWAY Cast to your phone using the enclosed OTG cable.

4. Launch HUDWAY Cast app.

5. Your phone will ask you for a permission to connect to adevice via USB. Please grant this permission:


6. The phone will then prompt you to enable screen capture*. Please grant this permission to enable casting to the lens.


*This is only needed to transmit the contents of your phone screen to HUDWAY Cast lens and is not stored anywhere or available for anyone to view.

7. Go to the Dashboard section in the app and select the widget you want to be cast to the lens by tapping Cast to HUD button in the upper right corner:


Selected widget will now be cast to the lens. 

Tip: You can also minimize HUDWAY Cast app, and launch any navigation app of your choice (like Waze or Gooogle Maps) — this way, HUDWAY Cast app will operate as a casting tool whereas the navigation app will be mirrored to the HUDWAY Cast lens. 

Please note that this solution is recommended for the smartphones running Android 7.0 and later with RAM 2 Gb and more. Lower RAM characteristics may prevent casting to work properly.


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    Diana Iunisova

    Looks like you have a beta firmware on your HUDWAY Cast. In a day or two we're releasing HUDWAY Cast update using which you'll be able to update the firmware to the version described in the article. Please stay tuned!

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