What is HUDWAY Go about?

HUDWAY Go is the only GPS app for every day navigation specifically designed for a safer, less-distracting driving with a smartphone.

Unlike conventional navigation apps that show you the route on the map together with numerous small elements, HUDWAY Go purposefully displays a live contrasting 3D outline of the route against black background. The only extra info presented is your current speed, and the directions on the next manoeuvre. The latter are accompanied with timely voice hints.


This concept makes it easy for the driver to quickly grasp the most needed information and stay comfortably informed without diverting much attention from the real road ahead.  

What is more, HUDWAY Go keeps track of all your driving statistics: it records your average and maximum speed per ride, scores your driving style, and even calculates your trip expenses. It basically acts as your personal driving companion — anywhere in the world.


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