What's HUD mode and how to enable it?

HUD mode, or heads-up display mode, is a special mode in HUDWAY Go app which allows using a smartphone as a heads-up display. 

In essence, it's flipping the screen contents so that it's legible when reflected off the windshield:


This feature is handy when you're driving in low visibility conditions (heavy rain, fog, snow, twilight, or darkness) and would rather have navigation info displayed in your line of sight.

Thanks to the dark background which looks transparent in reflection, the route outline and driving info is well visible when reflected off the windshield.

Please note that due to the windshield having doulble surface, the reflection may get slightly doubled. If you like using HUDWAY Go, and want a crisp reflection, check out our HUDWAY Glass vehicle accessory:


Enabling HUD mode in HUDWAY Go

1. Create a route and tap Let's go:


2. Tap anywhere on the route screen to view the menu and then tap HUD mode:


3. The app will suggest that you place the smartphone on the dash under the widshield. Tap Got it:


The route view will now display flipped — ready to be used in HUD mode. To exit HUD mode, tap anywhere on the screen, and then tap HUD mode:


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