Can I view my OBD-II data on HUDWAY Cast?

Although there is no way to directly fetch the vehicle data and view it on HUDWAY Cast, there is a solution for OBD-II enthusiasts who want this data in front of their eyes while driving. 

You can view an example of how it works on the video below:

Such a solution requires plugging in an OBD-II Bluetooth/Wi-Fi scanner in the OBD-II port. You can find plenty of these devices on Amazon, the prices vary largely (see an example by Carista, Nonda, BlueDriver, or Kiwi). 

These scanners will have a compatible app you can install on your smartphone. And whatever is on your smartphone screen, it can be mirrored to HUDWAY Cast lens. 

Typically, the process will require you to follow a few simple steps:

1. Plug the scanner into the OBD-II port of your vehicle.

2. Access Bluetooth settings on your smartphone and connect to the scanner. 

3. Launch the scanner app*.

4. Connect your smartphone to HUDWAY Cast and launch screen casting from your smartphone to HUDWAY Cast.

*Please consider the following recommendations on the apps mirrored to HUDWAY Cast:

We recommend that you rotate your smartphone horizontally and use the navigation app in landscape mode — this way, projection will fit the horizontal lens better and will be easier to read.

Another important thing is to enable night mode in your navigation app, so that all dark areas become transparent and the virtual image is less cluttered.

Please note also, that your smartphone screen is mirrored exactly as is. This means that you will see incoming calls and messages exactly how they appear on your phone screen. Consider enabling driving mode on your smartphone if this is an option — this way, you will be less distracted by non-navigation events.

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