How to apply promo code in HUDWAY apps?

HUD Widgets

1. Launch the app. Tap settings in the top right corner:


2. Tap Upgrade to Premium: 


3. Tap Enter promo code:


4. Enter your email and promo code. Then tap Redeem:


You're all set and can now use all the app widgets. 





1. Launch the app. Tap the menu in the top right corner:


2. Tap profile section to access your app profile:


3. Tap Subscribe:


4. On the subscription screen, tap Enter promo code in the bottom left corner:


4. Enter the promo code and tap Activate:


4. You're all set — and all the Premium features have been unlocked:

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    Cool so far.....unit is well-made....great packaging....just verified Lifetime 'scrip....walked thru Apps & ready for the road........


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    Nathan Meeks

    Keeps making me enter the code!


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    Jason Carmichael

    How do I get the Hudway Trip and Speedometer app. Hudway Trip does not show in the app store just the app Hudway from RIT, it looks nothing at all like this when I try to put the PRO promocode in, nor does it work in the play store.

    I cannot find the Speedometer app either. There are hundreds named speedometer, none with this green bulls-eye icon.

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    George Thomas

    Same here I have an Android phone, I don't see Hudway Trip in the Google Play store  just 

    HUDWAY — GPS Navigation HUD
    from RIT LLC Maps & Navigation
    ??? Does the promo code work for this too ?
    Edited by George Thomas
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    Antonio Dominion

    For the Speedometer app, search for "speedometer hudway" in the App Store, and this should come up with the Hudway Developer name showing just below the APP NAME.

    Cheers and Happy Holidays 2016 to everyone!

    ~Antonio Dominion

    P.S. A special THANK YOU to HUDWAY for providing these valuable promo codes with the lifetime licenses for all these apps.  I very much appreciate this, and cannot wait to get on the road with my new HUDWAY!!!  YAY!!!  :-)

    Edited by Antonio Dominion
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    Christer Karlsson

    Great we got the promo code. Device looks really solid. I just wanted to ask, is the code for android or ios? I use both devices a lot so wondering if I could use it with both of my phones or if I have to choose one? 

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    Nadia Noskova

    Hi everybody, 

    Sorry, just saw there's a plenty of comments. Please see the links to all our apps and a brief info on them. 

    1. HUDWAY (see promo code in the box):

    HUDWAY is actually our main navigation app — it creates route and guides you along it, depicts live road outline, shows the distance to the next curve and current vehicle speed. It’s most convenient for driving between the cities.

    2. HUDWAY Widgets (see promo code in the box):

    This app is a collection of handy widgets, like speedometers, trip info, fuel consumption and trip cost, etc.

    3. HUDWAY Speedometer (see promo code in the box):

    Please let us know at if you need any assistance on the apps or device. 

    Edited by Nadia Noskova
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    The links posted there to the Hudway app in the itunes store do not work for any of the below listed stores:
    - US store
    - Australian store
    - Russian store
    The Hudway app that I found not using the link does not have a field "Enter promo code" in Settings->Subscribe menu
    The Speedometer app that I downloaded from the app store reports Error 5103 every time I enter the promo code and my email
    Very, very poorly executed, guys

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    Polly Rusinova


    Here are the links to Hudway app:

    The problem with the promo code in Hudway app was resolved via the support system. 

    Also, I'm going to send you the code for Speedometer.


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    Scott A Mintz

    The promo code I received with my Hudway doesn't work for the Speedometer app.

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    Nadia Noskova

    Hi guys, if there's any problem, please contact us at Let us please not resolve requests in public comments, as it may involve disclosing some private info. 


    Edited by Nadia Noskova
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