Making a warranty claim

A limited warranty covers HUDWAY Glass throughout 1 year since the original purchase moment. Beyond that time we do not accept warranty claims. Make sure you keep the payment receipt — you'll need it to make the claim, otherwise we won't accept it.

To make a warranty claim, email us at and describe the problem in detail. Please also attach the photos of the damage, and the payment receipt photo — make sure the quality is good and the information is clearly visible.

Please allow us some time to inspect your case and tell you the decision — depending on the case, we may decide to repair or replace the accessory, or refund you. 

To understand whether your case is covered by the Warranty, its full text is available on our website: It's rather short and understandable :)

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    Olivier Lamesch

    Yes scammers, i bought the HUDway glass support at for 69$ plus shipping 20$ and i NEVER recieved my product ! And that as an early supporter! Shame on them. They even never tried to correct the situation ! Thieves !

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