The aрp can’t find my location

If upon launch the app can’t define your location, the most frequent cause for that is that access to location services is disabled for the app in device settings.

Please enable location services access for HUDWAY to operate correctly.

You can do it in Settings > Privacy > Location services. Scroll the list of apps until you find HUDWAY, tap it, and enable the access.

Another common problem is that the mobile data is turned off for the app and it's restricted to WI-fi only access. You can turn on mobile data for HUDWAY in Settings > Mobile Data > Use mobile data for..

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    Mathew-James Higham

    I checked all This and it still can’t find a GPS Signal. All my map apps and compas stuff works fine.

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    Dorelle Davidson

    The app is stuck on 60. My mobile data is on. I really resent paying to upgrade to premium and getting nothing for it. This has wasted a lot of my time and looks like a con

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