Are the adhesives reusable? Do they leave traces when removed?

Both stands feature same adhesives. They attach well to any plastic or leather dashboard, and leave no traces when removed, but they don’t work with suede-covered dashboards.

The dashboard shape doesn’t matter — you can apply either stand to the dashboard whatever curves it has.

To restore the adhesive quality after you used them, rinse the sticky pad with warm water then air dry.

Be sure to keep the protective film — you may need it later to store the stand when it's not in use.

If the adhesives won't stick to the dashboard surface, you can try replace the adhesive layer yourself — for example, by applying two-sided 3M sticky pads to the existing adhesive. Please note that you'll be doing this at your own risk — we used to plan equipping the mounts with similar 3M pads, but they were too strong, and could lead to damaged dashboard surface.

If you face any problem with adhesives, please email us at We will really appreciate any photos or videos to figure out the best solution.

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    Nalin Bakshi

    How to remove the hudway in case i dong like it? Just pulling it out if fine or is there a recommended way?

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