Entering and driving routes

To drive the route you've created, you need to enter it. That means, the maximum distance between your actual position and the route start should be within 100 meters.

This is when you'll see the road view and other indications on the HUD screen. Otherwise, the smartphone sensors will think you're too far from the route start, and HUDWAY will ask you to enter the route, and you'll see an image like that:


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    I started near position my route.
    But didn't view route indication my screen.
    My phone is iphone6 iOS.9.1 beta.

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    Derek Tian

    me too . i have same question . didn't view route indication my screen .
    My phone is iphone6 IOS. 9.1.2

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    Polly Rusinova

    Hi guys, will you please send a bug report from the app settings? We'll check what's wrong.

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    James Easton

    Hi there. Just having issues with the routing. Pretty much making the hudway glass pointless. The route doesn't correspond with the road layout making it very confusing!

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