Can I use HUDWAY on a clear day?

Well, you may do whatever you like, but please note that we can't go against the physics — HUDWAY is an app, and the brightness of the projection it may produce is limited by the device characteristics. 

When you're driving in the bright sunlight, especially when the sun shines directly in your face, you'll hardly see any reflection — it's just natural. 

The idea of the app was to facilitate navigation in low visibility — when you can't see beyond 50-100 meters. And bright sunlight is hardly a synonym to low visibility. 

As we started getting user feedback, we found out that drivers like to stick to HUDWAY all day round — thus we're launching HUDWAY Glass accessory this fall. More details are available at

Also, drivers ask about applying special films onto the windshield. Here we may not recommend anything, since in many countries it's strictly prohibited to use them — it clutters the main view area and is considered interfering and distractive. The police may even charge you for that.

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