Restoring purchases

In case you reinstall the app or migrate from one device to another within the same platform (either iOS or Android), you might need to restore the purchases you've previously made.

In this case you need to:

On iOS:

1. Access Hudway Settings in the leftside menu.

2. Tap the section Restore Purchases.

If you're not authorized in the app, you'll see a message Authorization required, and will then be transferred to login screen.

3. You'll then see another message, from App Store requesting your Apple ID password. When you enter this, your purchases will be restored.

On Android, you simply need to log in using your Google Play account, tap Restore Purchases, and your purchase will be restored automatically.

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    Владимир Амерханов
    1. Доступ к Настройки Hudway в LeftSide меню. Что зто за меню?? 2На Android, вы просто должны войти с помощью учетной записи Google Play, нажмите Восстановить Закупки и ваша покупка будет восстановлена ​​автоматически. т.е скачать Google Play на смртфон открыть Google Play и ввести учетную запись??
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    John Blake

    Restore purchases on Android simply brings me to buy the app!

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    Johnny George

    Your new app does not recognize that I am a lifetime paid subscriber. If I cannot use your new app as a lifetime paid member then I want a refund of my lifetime subscription and I will delete all of your apps. Thank you.

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    Rosalio Flores

    just received my HUDWAY Glass and promo code provide on card does not work!  No happy, after a extensive wait to finally get HUDwAY Glass and then you provide a non working promo code!

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