PRO Mode: What dots stand for?

When there's a meaningful road curve approaching, you may want to get a simple visual hint of the distances in question — how long the turn will be, where exactly you are at any given moment, etc. For this, dotted marks come in handy.

Bearing in mind that the distance between the dots equals to 50 meters, you can estimate the situation quite precisely. They act as an additional tool for better recognition of the road ahead. To enable them, access the HUD options panel and tap the button with dots (). Then, you'll see them appeared on the road curve on youre windshield, like it's depicted o the screenshot below: 



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    Kim Taylor

    Waste of money ! Doesn't work

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    Alfa Romeo

    it is a very funny navigation app, it still calculating the route while i have already reached my destination >50km away, it is a very stubborn app, if you do not follow the route it provides, it will never gives you another route, you are on your own to get your way

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