Will it work with my smartphone/tablet?

There are two ways you can make your smartphone work with HUDWAY Cast — wireless and wired.

Wireless option will work provided that your smartphone or tablet supports Miracast or AirPlay Mirroring streaming protocols — and this is a vast majority of modern smartphones and tablets.

Wired option works both for the devices mentioned above as well as for all Android devices where Miracast has been deprecated by the maker (like Google Nexus & Pixel smartphones running Android). 

iOS devices compatibility

AirPlay Mirroring is available on the following mobile devices: 

  • iPhone 4S and newer
  • iPad 2 and newer*

*Please note that the iPad needs to have a SIM card and HotSpot to be used with HUDWAY Cast both via wired and wireless connection.

Learn more on how to connect your iPhone to HUDWAY Cast.

Android devices compatibility

Provided that your Android device supports Miracast streaming, you can connect it wirelessly to HUDWAY Cast. 

If Miracast is available on your device, you will normally find Miracast or Screen Sharing icon either by pulling down Notifications shade, or in the phone Settings. The icon will look somewhat similar to this:


Depending on the manufacturer and model this feature may be named Screen Mirroring, Cast Screen, Mirroring Display, AllShare Cast, and the like.

Alternatively, you can check whether your Android device supports Miracast on their website

Learn more on how to connect your Android device to HUDWAY Cast.

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  • 2
    Andrii Kulian

    Miracast is not supported on Android 6 (Marshmallow) and later. How will phones with never versions connect to the device?

  • 0
    Nadia Noskova

    Wired connection is the option for such cases.

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