How to set up HUD Mode in Navmii app?

1. Download Navmii GPS World App on your phone.
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2. Sign up with your email or Facebook account.


3. Download the map of your country or state as prompted (offline maps). If you live in the US, it’s sufficient to download a map of your state only, instead of the map of the entire country.

4. Make sure your location services are enabled on “while using the app” or “always.”

photo_2017-07-06_14-21-41.jpg   photo_2017-07-06_14-21-38.jpg

5. Open the app, enter any address into the address field, then tap the car sign in the lower right hand corner and then tap “Start” once the route is calculated.


6. Then tap speed sign “0 mp/h" or “0 km/h” in the lower left-hand corner, it will give you a different screen with your directions.

7. Tap anywhere on the screen and then tap on the box to the right, the one with the phone, it will you take you to a screen with inverted directions for HUD mode.

photo_2017-07-06_14-21-45.jpg  photo_2017-07-06_14-21-50.jpg

8. Place your smartphone on Hudway Glass horizontally — it will rotate the image. If the image is still upside down, please tilt the phone downward a bit and the image will rotate again, so it will be upside down on the phone but properly displayed on the Glass.

If you have any questions or something does not work or does not look right — please email us at or Navmii directly at

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