Installation warnings

When installing the device in your vehicle, follow the installation instructions to ensure the device is securely installed in a location that does not obstruct your vision, or interfere with the vehicle’s steering wheel.

When connecting the power cable to the on board diagnostics (OBD) system, ensure the cord does not interfere with the vehicle operating controls, such as the foot pedals, or the driver’s feet. Obstructing your vision or interfering with the steering wheel or vehicle operating controls can result in an accident, which could result in serious injury or death, for which Hudway will not be responsible.

Check all applicable vehicle warranty terms before connecting the device to the OBD port.

Never install the device on the cover of an airbag or in a place where the device will interfere with the deployment of an airbag. Doing so may prevent the airbag from deploying normally, resulting in serious injury or death, for which Hudway will not be liable.

The adhesive material may damage the surface of your vehicle dashboard. Try testing a small amount of adhesive on your dashboard before full application. Hudway will not be liable for any damage to your dashboard or your vehicle due to your use or non-use of the device.

Only install the mount on a clean surface. Dirt, oil, and other debris may reduce adhesion, which may result in a weaker bond.

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