Restoring purchases

In case you reinstall the app or migrate from one device to another within the same platform (either iOS or Android), you may need to restore the purchases you've previously made.

Usually you need just to log into the app with the account which you used when made a purchase.

If it won’t restore, try restoring it manually:

  1. Open the leftside menu > Subscribe.
  2. Tap the section Restore Purchases.
  3. You'll see a message from the App Store or Play Store prompting you to enter the password. When you enter it, your purchases will be restored.
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    Hello I made the purchase for a year with a facebook account for the account by mistake when I want to enter the facebook account I get an error 1100 that can not load my account and using another account also gives me no option to buy xq I already have a purchase Performed 

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