I’m using it in China and have troubles with positioning

The thing is that in China, national security issues affect the usage of geolocation data, and a specific adjustment is enabled in the app to compensate for it.

If you're in China, and you see that your geoposition is defined incorrectly, and the routes you're creating are incorrect as well, access the app settings, and set China Map offset to ON.

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    Robin Johnston

    I am using hudway app and like it! But if I am on the highway or normal roads hudway does not indicate if you need to turn off because it's a constant single road. I think it would be safer to have more of a map style within a 1 km radius.

    also I would like to know about collecting your money or points at the end of a trip!



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    Kavi Verma

    there is no problem with the product ... its the problem with the China itself ...  as it has block all international electronic and navigation in itself ...

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