What do I get with Premium mode?

In Hudway premium mode there's a number of extra features available. With Premium mode, you can customize the route view and use voice assistant.

Changing the road view

To customize the route view, go to the app settings and select Road view.
If you enable Filling, the route outline will be filled with green. This gives better reflection visibility when it’s not dark outside.
When Highlighting hard curves is enabled, the app will highlight dangerous curves in red so that you know to slow down in advance.
If you choose to show the distance to the curve, the app will show the turn in segments so that you can better assess how fast you’re going and when the bend starts and finishes.


The voice assistant

The voice assistant gives the information about the following turns and can be used In background mode. The terminology is based on the principles of rally racing co-pilot pacenotes. It's shorter and more intuitive and informative than conventional voice alerts. You can enable voice assistant in the HUD screen menu.

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